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Bloomberg – Abercrombie Next CEO Needs to Revamp Outdate Brand, Again

By Lindsey Rupp

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (ANF), a former purveyor of safari gear that was reborn as a teen-clothing

chain, is searching for its next incarnation. It will provide you an opportunity to careers in fashion

The company, which announced the departure of longtime Chief Executive Officer Mike Jeffries

yesterday, needs a successor who can appeal to today’s teens in an industry suffering from e-
commerce competition and shrinking foot traffic. And it will have to emerge from the shadow of a

man who has steered the brand for more than two decades.

“He actually was the brand,” said Terre Simpson, president of New York-based executive-search

firm Simpson Associates. “Now it’s almost as if they need retail psychotherapy to determine what

the brand direction should be.”

Jeffries, 70, stepped down as CEO after the strategies that led to Abercrombie’s success in the

1990s failed to resonate with current shoppers. The chain’s shirtless models, booming music and

conspicuous logos have lost their appeal, replaced by a desire for fast fashion and a lower-key

selling style.

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