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WWD – Claiborne’s Tough Choice

Monday, June 27, 2005

Claiborne’s Tough Choice: Company Faces Challenge of Filling Charron’s Shoes
(Who Could Eventually Fill Charron’s Shoes?)

By Lisa Lockwood with contributions from Vicki M. Young

NEW YORK – Will Liz Claiborne Inc. go outside or in to replace its chairman and chief executive officer, Paul Charron?

Terre Simpson, president of Simpson Associates, a New York-based executive search firm,
believes that Charron’s successor will probably come from outside the industry.

“I think they’ll possibly have to go outside on the basis of the narrowing leads in the industry in
terms of the caliber and needs necessary to run that business. There’s no one of that context
to pull from the business,” she said, citing just a handful of competitors such as Jones’ Peter
Boneparth. “I think they’ll go to a consumer packaged firm or possibly the entertainment

When pressed for executives who could be qualified within the business, she cited Farah, Gromek
and Vanessa Castagna, former chairman and ceo of J.C. Penney stores, catalogue and Internet,
who’s now senior member of the operations team at Cerberus Capital Management and executive
chair of Mervyn’s. “I also hear wonderful things about [Claiborne’s] Trudy Sullivan,” she said.

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